Social Networks

Since 2004 when MySpace started to become popular with the general internet audience, Annapurna Software has been developing social network sites for clients around the world. From niche social networks aimed at music fans to large networks aimed at the general audience, ASD has been able to work with clients to deliver the solutions they need. To date, ASD has created dozens of different social network sites and sold hundreds of our ready made products which give customers the ability to instantly set up a site that gives social networking abilities. Our custom scripts as well as our ready made products have been used in virtually every business domain imaginable. Here are some of the categories our clients have used our social network scripts in: • Music • Television • Finance • Catering • Local • Cruises • Teens • Gaming • Sports • Health • Enterprise • Adult Our ready made social networking scripts were designed as a platform to provide the core requirements of a social network site but could be easily customized and modified to the clients’ exact needs. If you haven’t already, read about our social network products and see if they can be used for your requirements. Many of our clients prefer to use these as a platform and customize it as it cuts down on the delivery time and reduces the overall project cost.