ASD Front Desk

Hotel/Restaurant industries have grown to be modern and be competitive for quality services to the Guest. The quality service is a net sum of all of the activities in the industry. More demand on quality services requires more dedication and more quality work.

Automation of most of the repetitive work in organizations is beneficial for the organization as well as the staffs in the organization. Automation not only enhances the quality of work but also increases the confidence of the management for decision making.

ASD FrontDesk Hotel Software is designed to accommodate the needs of various types of properties viz the hotels, motels ,resorts, clubs, B&B’s small hotel franchisees, club, condo’s hotel and apartments.

ASD FrontDesk is the modern Solution which has whole range of integrated modules to cover every aspect of property management. This version consist of following modules

Main Modules, Point of Sales Module, Financial Information Module, HRM Modules